Zscaler, Inc. is showing notable market movement today, up 4.1%, or roughly $337.8 million gain.

The company has made notable gains in 5 of the last 6 trading sessions, with 3 of those days occurring consecutively from May 08-10.

Zscaler holds a market capitalization of $8.9 billion and represents 0.6% of the $1.4 trillion NASDAQ/NYSE systems-software industry.

The industry overall is up today by 1.2%, which translates to a positive move of roughly $17.7 billion. The industry gains are led by Microsoft Corporation, up 1.41%. Microsoft represents 67.2% of the industry, with a market capitalization of $955.8 billion.

Historically, the average daily return for the industry in week #19 has been 0.1%, while the mode daily return is -0.3%.

With a 42stocks weight of 215.6, Zscaler ranks #90 against 4660 symbols tracked, and #4 of 38 within the industry. A lower rank is more favorable, while a lower weight is less favorable.

The company is scheduled to report earnings in 15 calendar days, on Thursday, May 30.