First, the disclaimer: my investment strategy may not match yours, so PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS INFORMATION AS TRADING ADVICE. This information is intended strictly for entertainment value.

I created as a personal project, to help make sense of more than 5,000 stocks that trade on the NASDAQ and NYSE/A stock exchanges. I’ve written an algorithm that analyzes dozens of data points per company, to create a “weighted” value for each ticker symbol. The algorithm favors near-term “swing” trading, which covers anywhere from one to twelve (or more) weeks. The stocks are bought and sold from within a rollover IRA, so I do not pay taxes on capital gains.

The first nine tabs on the web page display charts that reflect the portfolio history, including the equities which were held during the timeframe of the tab label (“One Week,” “Four Weeks,” etc).

The last tab, labeled “Portfolio & History,” shows a google spreadsheet, which contains two worksheets.

The first worksheet, labeled “42K PORTFOLIO,” represents a portfolio where I started with an initial cash investment value of $42,000 in a pre-tax rollover IRA account. The spreadsheet shows the trades made, the dates of those trades, and tracks the values of those trades. This account is NOT reflective of my overall investment strategy, nor is it entirely reflective of my own personal holdings.

The second worksheet is labeled “42stocks History” and is a historical record of my weekly rank of the top42 stocks, beginning February 01 2019, when I started paper trading & testing.

The google spreadsheet is updated at the end of each trading day, to reflect the next day’s ranks and weighted values (second sheet), and to reflect any pending trades submitted for the open of the next trading session (first sheet).

Please enjoy the site, and again, the information presented should be used merely as additional information to help you determine your own investment strategies.